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VICBRIX are an innovative product that turns our excess sawdust into long burning firewood briquettes.

These are perfect firewood for wood heaters, kitchen wood stoves, chimneas, pizza ovens and other heating and cooking equipment.


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Michelle Harper
7th June, 2019
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We love our Vicbrix. They're clean, burn hot, and are easy to use. Who wants to be out there sourcing dry wood and splitting logs? Not me! Vicbrix makes things easy. The guys at the factory are great to deal with: friendly and helpful, and have always helped me load the heavy bags/boxes into the back of my car. So glad I discovered Vicbrix!
Sue Henderson
7th june, 2019
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I love using VicBrix - firewood , they help to get the fire going I use them on top of the kindling to get the larger wood going , also burn alternately with wood so my wood lasts longer . I like the idea of using waste product ie sawdust . VicBrix are great in a brazier /fire pit
James DiLiberto
April 4, 2016
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[VICBRIX Briquettes] really working a treat in our chiminea tonight. It's hard to find wood small enough for burning slowly in these things. Kindling just disappears in 5 minutes and red gum logs are too big and never fully take. [VICBRIX] are perfect for slow burning and easy lighting. Really solid product at a great price.
Vanessa Louise
July 26, 2019
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I really like Vicbrix as an alternative to briquettes! They burn well, hot and for a long time. They're very convenient in size and easy and clean to handle.
Julzy Leigh
May 7, 2019
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Fabulous! Only need a couple to have a great fire as they expand and burn well.
Pam Wallace
Pam Wallace
15th June, 2019
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Love the fact that these don't drop any sawdust (or extremely little) when removing from box to fire. Much better than the oldies!

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