Per Bag

Number of bags
12 Kilo per bag

VICBRIX are cylindrical logs or briquettes made from the sawdust that we collect from our manufacturing facility. The source material comes from either sustainable sourced Radiata Pine or Victorian Ash Hardwood.

VICBRIX are an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient alternative to your everyday firewood.

We make ‘em

The VICBRIX process involves taking wood waste (sawdust) and compacting it under high pressure. The briquettes are held together by compression and a natural product the timber produces called Lignin meaning there is no artificial glue added.

The end result? Small, dense and natural timber briquettes, ready for all your heating needs!


You burn 'em

VICBRIX are slow burning logs that burn hot. As our timber is Kiln dried, the briquettes have  a very low moisture level, this means they produce significant heat. Approximately 15-20% hotter than cut Redgum firewood.

The burnt briquettes result in a very low ash output (1%) which mean less cleaning.

You help ‘em

VICBRIX reduces environmental impact by using waste timber that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

By burning briquettes, you are saving trees from being cut down for firewood. The source material of briquettes comes from sustainable timber mills.