762b4ed2-e8f4-4006-ac0b-431d64a7679bThe benefits of VICBRIX over traditional firewood are that:

  • they are made from 100% recycled timber waste that would otherwise be dumped.
  • their Moisture Content is consistent at 10% ± 2% compared to split Red gum which may have moisture levels up to 25%.
  • they are a consistent shape, easy to handle. No jagged edges which means no splinters.
  • they leave minimal ash i.e. less cleaning of the fireplace.


VICBRIX are helping the environment. Here’s why:

  • they are a great source of renewable energy
  • they turn what would be landfill into a consumable product.
  • it saves forests from unnecessary felling.
  • they produce less emissions than regular firewood.

That all sounds wonderful. I’m convinced!

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