Here are some things you might want to know about VICBRIX.

  • What are VICBRIX briquettes?

    VICBRIX are cyclindrical logs or briquettes made from compressed timber.

  • What's the difference between Briquettes and Blocks?

    VICBRIX Briquettes are made of compressed sawdust whereas the blocks are off cuts from our grading area. The blocks come in assorted sizes whereas the briquettes are consistent.

  • How are they made?

    Vicbrix are made from the sawdust that we collect from our manufacturing facility. We use 2 POR Oscar Briquetting machines which take the collected sawdust and compresses it into 70mm diameter logs. The briquette is compressed under high pressure and temperature which means there is no binding agent added to the briquettes. The timber releases a natural chemical called Lignin which also acts as a ‘glue’.


  • What are they made from?

    The source material comes predominately from either sustainable sourced plantation Pine or Victorian Ash Hardwood.

  • What are the advantages over traditional firewood?

    VICBRIX Briquettes and Blocks are superior to traditional firewood because:

    • they’re made from 100% recycled timber waste that would otherwise be dumped.
    • their moisture content is consistent at 10% ± 2% compared to split Red gum which may have moisture levels up to 25%.
    • they’re a consistent shape and easy to handle. No jagged edges which means no splinters.
    • they leave minimal ash which means less cleaning of the fireplace.
  • Is there any chemicals or treatment in the briquettes?

    Whilst our production plant does process treated timber, we ensure that we do not package the treated briquettes. The briquettes that have the treatment chemicals are disposed of separately.

  • Is there any MDF or Particle board in the briquettes?

    Absolutely not. Our manufacturing plant does not process any of this material.

  • How long do the briquettes burn for?

    How long is a piece of string? On average a person is likely to burn between 3/4 and 1 bag a night if they are only burning briquettes. It also depends how hot you like your fire.